Cardiff city centre’s lost Woolworths

Graham Soult

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  1. Mark Williams says:

    The store recently vacated by Primark will be taken by Matalan, as one of their new high st stores .

  2. Dex says:

    Here’s a image of the store from July 2013 with the 1980’s “capped teeth” style cladding removed.

  3. Dex says:

    The St. Davids Centre in Cardiff was originally financed by Woolworths along with Boots, M&S and the National Union of Miners pension fund.

  4. Dex says:

    The Woolworths Music and Video at 63-64 St Davids Way was previously a branch of Medicare, a drugstore chain which Kingfisher purchased in the late 80’s to expand their Superdrug chain.

    As there was already a Superdrug in St. Davids Centre at this time Kingfisher presumably opted to unit for the music and video outlet.

  5. alex says:

    Thought id post this here.
    This is a picture/add from the clifton street upstairs stock room. The store was a old cimena and had very high ceilings. This stock room was upstairs you could see the detail in the plasterwork of all different fruits etc

  6. HBob says:

    Just as post-script to this, you may be interested to know that the former Woolworths (now BHS)above is due to close and will be transformed into a Primark store. Rumour is that BHS will downsize into the former Primark unit opposite (which was originally a C&A). Sounds like it may be a Newcastle-style BHS.

  7. alex says:

    Worked in stores 440 484 1164 really miss it

  8. alex says:

    The 1164 store closed around 2005 as you walked thought the main doors it was located on the right hand side about 3 units up and was housed in 2 units at the time was opposite Thorntons chocolate. I worked there 2 years abs worked for Woolworths for 7 years best days of my life. Alex

  9. Hbob says:

    From memory, that’s about right!

  10. Hbob says:

    Yes that’s right. I worked in Cardiff City Centre. I’d put the closure date at around 2005. At the time of closure it still sold music and video (well DVDs by that time) only, with some snacks and a fridge of cold drinks.

  11. Ian Spittle says:

    Handful of sweets, and possibly a few big box promotional toys and homewares I think, but there wasn’t room for much at all.

  12. Ian Spittle says:

    St David’s Centre was still operating when I last went to Cardiff on business for Woolies in summer 2001. I went Woolies spotting on my way back to the station from Albany Road. It must have closed at some point after my store (394, Cirencester) moved out of a Welsh District, probably autumn 2002. When I was in Cardiff last year, I spent a while looking gormless around St David’s Centre, trying to find where the store was!

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