Lichfield gets a boost as Debenhams takes over city’s ex-TJ Hughes

Graham Soult

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  1. RetroGadget says:

    Yes, I read a few months ago that Poundland were expected to move into the former TJ Hughes at Nuneaton, as has happened in Walsall and more recently Derby. Of course, Poundland already had a presence in Nuneaton in the former Dixons store in Abbey Street.

    • Graham Soult says:

      It will be interesting to see who does move in to the ex-TJ’s then, as it is a large and important unit within the town. Perhaps TJ Hughes could yet return, as it is doing in Middlesbrough?

      Incidentally, I finally made it to Nottingham last week, so will be blogging about the several ex-Woolies that I photographed on my visit – some of which are ones that you’ve mentioned before!

  2. RetroGadget says:

    Funny, I was in Lichfield last week and was thinking what a gap TJ Hughes had left in the Three Spires Centre. It was my first visit there since TJ’s closed and was interested to see Poundland had opened in the former short-lived Hub store. I was also surprised to see the Sony Centre still open and trading, seeing that all mention of it has disappeared from the Sony website, with the Sutton Coldfield/ Birmingham stores being listed as the closest to Lichfield! Another store recently making its presence known in the city is Richer Sounds with a smart store in a former pub just on the edge of the main shopping area, like many of their stores are.
    I was also in Nuneaton too where their TJ Hughes store in the former Woolworths is still vacant, although it was all lit up and gutted as if work was taking place inside. Nuneaton’s former M&S store on the other hand was preparing to reopen last Saturday with Poundland as it’s new occupants.

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