Newcastle’s TJ Hughes is saved – but Middlesbrough’s is to close within days

Graham Soult

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  1. Retrogadget says:

    That’s gonna be a massive branch of Poundland in Nuneaton. When TJ Hughes took the ex-Woolworths store over they opened up the first floor sales area – can now imagine it being sealed off again.

  2. Retrogadget says:

    Was in Walsall today and saw that the former TJ Hughes/Woolworths store is to reopen on Thursday as a new branch of Poundland.
    Pretty big compared to the current store in the towns Saddlers Centre. Although it looks like they’re not using the first floor as a sales area – from outside it looked like the escalator had been blocked off.

  3. andy says:

    Hmmm… with Focus style closing down notices.

  4. Retrogadget says:

    I’ve only managed one visit to the Nuneaton branch of TJ Hughes and with it being a large store anyway was surprised to see an upper floor sales area too. As you mention TJ’s was a welcome addition to Nuneaton following the loss of the towns M&S. I’ve popped into a couple of TJ’s over the past week, the long established branch in Lichfield – which I seem to think was the only TJ’s in this area for a long time – last Saturday which was packed with bargain hunters and the Walsall store yesterday.which was selling off the final remains of stock.
    There was a piece on BBC North West Tonight earlier about the Salford branch closing three days earlier than planned due to damage caused on Tuesday night’s riots.

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