Graham Soult. Photograph by Mandy Charlton

Graham Soult

Welcome to Soult’s Retail View!

Soult’s Retail View is a blog by me, Graham Soult, taking a wide-ranging look at the UK retail industry. I’m a retail consultant and Sage Business Expert based in Gateshead, so my posts often (but not always) have a North East slant.

Particular areas of interest include new developments and store openings, department stores, supermarkets, co-operatives and former Woolworths stores, usually discussed in the context of their retail history and illustrated with photographs from my travels. Interviews with retailers I know or work with feature in the Retailer Q&A thread.

Alongside (and feeding into) the blog, I run CannySites.com, a web directory business that helps consumers and retailers find each other; and CannyInsights.com, offering retail-related research, consultancy, copywriting and social media support. If you feel that my knowledge can help your business, do drop me a line.

Wherever I can, I try and illustrate my blog posts using my own photographs; failing that, I use and give credit to useful photographs taken and made freely available by others.

If you would like to use one of my photos elsewhere, the chances are I’ll agree – contact meΒ and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Equally, feel free to message me if you have suggestions for blog posts, spot any inaccuracies, or want to make contact with me for any other reason.