Wallsend’s Woolies history – from High Street West to High Street East

Graham Soult

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  1. Ernie Walker says:

    Ernie Walker Oct,31 2015 at 2025
    I went to the Western Secondary Modern on Rutland Road until 1960 and believe the old Woolies was located adjacent and on the the high street entrance to Forum.

  2. Brian Teviotdale says:

    the new woolworths was built on a rectangle of land that was covered in grass and where every year the town Christmas tree was located. I lived in Thames street east from 1947 to 1960 and often visited the old woolworths.

  3. Kess wood says:

    I remember woolys on the corner of station road I’m trying to find photo ov the map with lights that was out side the front

  4. Veronica Tait nee Foster says:

    I also went to St Columbas School with Arthur Reed, The old Woolworths was where you have pictured. There was an alleyway through to it from a field, and a pub in the alley, cannot think of the name. You walked down the alley and straight over the crossing.

  5. Graham Soult says:

    You could be right! The only evidence I have is the address – 73-75 High Street West – but there’s always a possibility that the street has been renumbered since. What I really need is a photo showing the original Woolworths in situ!

  6. Arthur Reed says:

    I went to st columbas rc school which was behind the High st ii wallsend I,m sure that woolworths was closer to the Ritz cinama I thought that a super market yook over the site when they shifted to there new site on the cosner of high st and ststion rd the super market was Laws stores I think
    cheers Arthur Reed Whyalla South Australia

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