One bus ticket – 11 former Midlands Woolies

Graham Soult

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  1. Raj says:

    They should preserve that old woolworth logo just to remind us how it once was

  2. John says:

    That very old sign at Burton would have been from the era where they had the “Winfield W” logo which can be on the fascia of the Debden Estate branch.

    As regards that W logo. That logo continued to be used on fishing tackle after Woolworths dropped its general use. The “Winfield” trade mark, including that W were transferred to a company called Winfield Holdings, but they appear to have allowd it to expire. That trade mark entry at the IPO site that included that W logo has been removed.

    Now I wonder who (if anyone) holds the copyright to that W logo.

    Another interesting issue is that Woolworths Plc allowed the trade mark for “Woolworth” (without the s on the end), to expire, and the German Woolworths company now own the EEC-wide registration for the name “Woolworth”.

    Now I wonder what the position would be were they to expand into the UK?

  3. beth says:

    thank you! :)

  4. beth says:

    for a long time, the pub that i think is currently known as Kings Manor (next to Manors metro) had a sign round the back that was half a ‘Stout Fiddler’ sign and half a ‘Joe Wilsons’ sign. I wish I’d taken a pic while it was still like that.

    Your last link doesn’t take us to anything to do with an old WHSmith sign?

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