Four North East stores to go in first wave of HMV closures

Graham Soult

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  1. WillPS says:

    Great to see your analysis of HMV’s failures, Graham. I have to agree with most of your points – still not convinced that customer service was ever their thing though; “music lovers” or not, most of those I’ve experienced were closer to ‘Clerks’s. Virgin did a much better job (as they pride themselves on doing) of channelling enthusiasm in to customer service itself.

    Even in the (massive) Nottingham Megastore which became an HMV, I noticed a tangible difference in customer service after the transition. Staff in such a store should surely have been beaming with enthusiasm given the relative peril they faced. Can’t help but think HMV just didn’t really care in the same way Virgin did.

    I think there has to be another round of closures still, and perhaps that one will hurt more. I think most small town centres will bite the dust – even cities like Sheffield will probably have to loose their presence too.

    London and elsewhere where there are 2 or more sites within walking distance will have to go, as in Edinburgh (although I could see places like Nottingham losing their oddly placed Fopp instead). One good store within reasonable reach is the strategy I can see working best.

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