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The Range fills the gap left by Stockton’s Big W

Graham Soult

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8 Responses

  1. The Shadow says:

    link The Range to open Portrack Lane megastore sponsored by deloitte..how ironic

    • Graham Soult says:

      link The Range to open Portrack Lane megastore sponsored by deloitte..how ironic

      That’s true! I hadn’t initially made that obvious connection between Deloitte sponsoring NE Business at the same time as overseeing Woolworths’ administration. Well spotted :)

  2. Graham Soult says:

    Thanks Adam!

    It’s unusual for TK Maxx to close a store, and I didn’t know about the Hartlepool site (shut in January last year, by the looks of it). There’s coverage at http://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/news/TK-Maxx-set-to-axe.4855246.jp for anyone who’s interested.

    The interior of The Range at Stockton was fine actually – it didn’t feel overbearing or unpleasant, perhaps because there’s so much stock and colour on the shopfloor.

  3. Adam says:

    Just to run through a few of the points you raised. I can’t recall the store ever downsizing between 2004 and 2008. Although I seem to remember a fair chunk of the building was for stock and obviously not for the public.

    The ‘Big Cafe’ sign was definitely a remnant of the Big W days but that other sign looks like a Woolies one. I’d be interested to see what they’ve done inside, I have no problems with these ‘aircraft hanger’ type stores but the scale of the old Big W one mean it was an odd, and unappealing, shopping experience.

    On future locations, the former Byker Woolies was what first sprung to mind for me, I think the former M&S at the Metrocentre is just too out of the way. Others I can imagine are the former TK Maxx at Hartlepool Marina and the former MFI unit at Sunderland’s Hylton Retail Park.

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