I’ve now visited and tracked a quarter of the ex-Woolies estate – but what have they all become?

Graham Soult

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  1. Mark Smith says:

    Woolworths Halesowen is now a combined Ponden Mill and the post office. Strange combination but it works

  2. Janet says:

    My fiance and myself are ex-staff of Woolies in Hong Kong, we got to know each others at Woolworths HK sourcing, working as partners. End of this year I plan to go honeymoon with him and take photos with Woolworths banner in UK to complete the story. Do you think there is still any empty Woolworths store / office / backdrop…in UK?

    • Graham Soult says:

      Hi Janet! I’m not sure if the HK Woolworths has any connection to the UK one – my understanding is that it may be linked instead to Woolworths Australia, which has no connection to the historic UK/US business other than copying the name. Still, I think there are a few Woolworths signs still remaining – I’ll do some digging and perhaps work it into a blog :)

  3. Danny Bent says:

    Very interesting!

    Just for information the ex-Wollies in Nuneaton did trade briefly as a TJ Hughes, then they closed because they folded (and had an upstairs too!)
    This store is now a 99p stores, still with double entrances but no upstairs.
    Interestingly I believe this is one of the biggest 99p stores in the area.

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