Exclusive pictures: a first look inside the new Tesco Extra at Gateshead’s Trinity Square

Graham Soult

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  1. Sam says:

    My family has recently opened a new store in Gateshead and are very keen to see the Town Centre revived to it’s former busy family friendly feel, not only as it would help us but also for the many retailers who have felt cheated by Tescos. Since opening we have got to know many of the retailers who have managed to survive the deterioration of the town centre over a 10 year period and some who have closed since Tescos opened such as an independent Butcher, many feel Tescos and the Council have contributed to the deterioation either through neglect, disinterest or for their own financial interests. The people of Gateshead are passionate about their town centre but can do little to compete with such powers as Tesco particularly in today’s economic climate. The town centre is plagued with several issues mainly litter, lack of parking and anti-social behaviour, which could be tackled with a co-ordinated approach if the Council along with Tescos were able to share resources and work closely with the smaller independent traders and the Police. I have heard rumour that Tescos is not doing as well as expected and sadly this pleases some people however if they fail this would spell disaster for the town centre. If Tescos was to be more supportive of the smaller traders it could work to the benefit of all. Whatever my opinion I do hope that Gateshead Town Centre will find some of it’s old magic, and to all the residents in Gateshead, please support your Town Centre and independent Traders before they are lost forever.

  2. Brian Griffin says:

    Have only been in the new Tesco around mid-day, much more modern, but is a distinct lack of customers. I hope they do a better trade in the evenings to pay for the ridiculous amount of security staff in Trinity Square. Even Jesus would feel like a criminal walking through there. Really not a very welcoming atmophere for anyone to have to be in. I walk around the complex rather than the shorter way straight through it just to get to Barclays on the other side to avoid this degrading experience.

    • Graham Soult says:

      Hi Brian, I’ve been in the new Tesco four or five times so far – at different times of the day, in the week and at weekends – and it hasn’t been packed out any of those times. Not dead, but certainly not Asda Metrocentre-style busy, either. It will be interesting to see how things progress, but the opening of the cinema later this year and the arrival of the students in September next year should perk things up a bit. I understand that the Tesco store’s car park is less busy than expected, but that more customers are using public transport than envisaged – whether that’s because shoppers can’t be bothered to navigate the car park, don’t know where it is, or perhaps haven’t even worked out that there is one, tucked away underneath, is anyone’s guess.

  3. David says:

    This is a fabulous store – if you enjoy shopping in a soulless aircraft hangar.

    It’ll put lots of other local shops out of business, and doesn’t yet seem to have attracted many other takers to the adjacent retail outlets (why would they come when they know their products are also being sold in Tesco Extra?)

    As if that isn’t enough, there’s now a Tesco on Coatsworth Road too…

  4. Michael says:

    A trip to Consett would definitley be worthwhile. When you are there you can play, ‘spot the ex woolworths’, visit the new 70,000 sq ft flagship morrisons store, the latest and possibly last new tesco extra and the rest of the new stores which are currently under construction (b&q, Starbucks etc)

    Off to visit the new full range 60,000 sq ft M&S At the Arnison Centre tomorrow. Hoping for some opening day freebies!

  5. Jack says:

    Has this new tesco building been designed by the same people who designed the new sainsburys in Sunderland? They both seem so similar I am thinking it must be.

    This style of supermarket with the underground car park seems to be increasingly common (latest South Shields Asda, new Sainsburys Sunderland). Can’t be helped to maximize car park space, but it is irritating the slow pace of entering and leaving the store this design creates, especially when there are trolleys on the escalator.

  6. alan says:

    i think its a joke how tesco staff cannot use the car park. its 4.50 everywhere else and the max stay is 2 and a half hours not say customers are sayin the parking is to confuseing and they would rather go to asda because the parking is free the aricle above is misleading because the parking is not free at all its about 80 p an hour with a max stay of 3 and a half hours unless you go to tesco and spend more than 5 pounds then its free

    • Graham Soult says:

      Look, I wrote this piece before the car park was open and all the details were clear! I don’t think what I wrote is misleading, but the whole setup has turned out to be so complicated it would more or less need a whole blog to itself to explain it.

  7. Michael says:

    Great insight into the new store. I hope you intend to cover the new Consett Tesco Extra which if due to open this autumn as well.

    • Graham Soult says:

      We’ll see! :) It’s partly a function of where I get invited to, as well as trying to cover a range of retailers and places over time. I’ve written very little about Consett, however, so it’s due some airtime.

  8. Thomas says:

    The new Tesco Extra in Corby (opened 24th Jan) is very similar to this store, however this store is a spitting image of the last-week refurbished Tesco Bedford, Goldington Road, and it almost looks luxurious to shop in a Tesco!

  9. Angela Knox says:

    Guilia, Gateshead MBCs plans for the other half of Gateshead can be seen at their website. Plans include housing and social areas.

  10. Giulia says:

    Mr Soult, thank you for this detailed and informative piece on the new Trinity Square. I have been following your blog with interest ever since the car park debacle and as a Gateshead resident I am greatly relieved that we are nearing the end of this long running saga and can reclaim our town centre. Finally maybe bypass Gateshead in favour of the Metrocentre or Newcastle town centre will choose to shop here.
    What worries me is that there will be a shiny new development at one end of the High Street while the other is still in a very dilapidated state. Do you know of any plans for the High Street towards Matalan? Or for that matter for the ugly brown building attached to the Interchange that houses Wilkinson?

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