Critiquing the Achica experience as I try out the “members-only luxury lifestyle store”

Graham Soult

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22 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    Recently ordered a mattress topper, they sent wrong item. It was promptly returned and received by their warehouse. They confirmed receipt of item and agreed to refund within 2-4 working days. I waited over a week before contacting them again when they accepted that due to a administrative error the refund had failed. I was asked to wait a further 3-4 days. No refund was ever received eventually I had to contact my credit card company. They are a faceless organisation, contact is only via emails, they take days to respond and do not keep their promise. There is no way to escalate issues. Avoid at all costs.

  2. Bean says:

    I returned two bedside cabinets on the 20th June as I was told they were unable to replace a damaged cabinet, (but then told later they could after they realsied that the order was nearing £1,500). I only received a credit for one cabinet, after repeated requestes to have the other £299 credited we are still waiting. We have been told absolute rubbish as to why i t has been delayed, also, that it has been approved for payment. We are nearing just handing this to our legal people and also claim compensation. ACHICA are renowned for holding on to your cash after feading similar reviews. Our advice to potential customers of ACHICA is quite clear. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SUPPLIER, VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND 2nd CLASS GOODS.

  3. CAROL says:

    Lol, was just about to make an order with Achica when I decided to check reviews. After reading this lot don’t think I’ll bother!!!

  4. Deborah Hoar says:

    I am sure Achica are raking in the profits, two very rich gentlemen have found the key to making a few more million! Advertise stuff that companies cannot shift at prices that can often be beaten on other sites, take everyone’s money immediately the order is placed. Try not to answer anyone’s enquiries when things go wrong and hope those irate customers give up the ghost. It would seem there are enough gullible people out there apparently willing to be treated like idiots. They have no contact telephone number, they send insipid, uninterested and totally unhelpful e mails to enquiries. They talk about shipments, or problems with suppliers…..I DO NOT CARE , it is Achica who have taken money for my order, and here I am 51 days later with just 4 items, out of 11 ordered, a reimbursement for 2 items that will never be delivered, and no idea at all, in spite of 3 e mails to them, as to whether the rest of my order will actually arrive or not. Best of all? Try going back into your account and re- finding your enquiry or their answer, it seems to disappear…..Steer clear of this company and please let us make a point to these two entrepreneurs that you cannot get away with this scandalous treatment of customers for long!

  5. Christina says:

    I have been so patient with Achica but they NEVER improve their customer service, they rarely answer your query correctly, your never deal with the same person twice on the site, they sometimes don’t answer at all or just ignore your query. I have asked the same question 4 times and still waiting on a response. Last week they delivered something that I hadn’t ordered and on several occasions glass items have arrived damaged or smashed. Oh and I forgot to mention the items I waited for, for months only to get an email to say that they no longer had those items to send to me….. or the items that just went missing. If this was a shop it wouldn’t have any customers and would be bankrupt. Like the other customers I have spent thousands of pounds with them. Shame on you Achica

  6. Wendy James says:

    My order of the 1st February did not arrive after weeks of waiting. I have been promised a refund on 4 occasions to date, yet it never seems to arrive.

  7. Dawne says:

    We have experienced the same problems, I don’t mind waiting for items over the due date but their lack of customer service is unreal when you think these days communication is only seconds to do. Contacted them numerous times and nothing back yet this began in December. This is a company that I would really like to purchase loads more but considering they knew this gift was for February and still nothing from them, I thinks it’s time people stop ordering until they wake up and realise what a bad deal we are getting. They take your money out of the bank asap but no goods received – some sort of criminal act I would say. I have Tried to contact the CEO of Achica too but nothing back. Trading Standards is my next step. Do not buy you will not receive your goods.

  8. Carol M. says:

    I’m so glad I ventured in here as I was considering buying an item and now realise it’s not worth the risk/hassle. I really see nothing to be gained from doing a review without being anonymous as common sense says they’d bend over backwards to get it right. My main bugbear is the impersonal customer care. Nothing beats airing your grievances to an actual person. I might add that viewing stats re Achica’s sight mean very little really. I’ve been a customer since it’s inception, view it every day,sometimes twice and have never bought anything and I dare say I’m not alone.
    I should also say that today I ordered a console table from an Irish company that was recently on sale on Achica. £247 on Achica and €247 at Vobeinteriors. Exactly the same table yet much cheaper taking exchange rates in to consideration.

  9. James says:

    Basically Achica are just carrying out a PONZI Scheme, taking money to pay debts and where more sales done refund customers.

    Has to be my worst customer experience ever.

  10. Christina Couch says:

    Like many Achica customers, I have been left feeling very frustrated. I am 58 days from placing an order that has never arrived and STILL waiting a refund of my £300.00. I cannot believe that Achica are still trading in this manner. I would critic this Company again, Graham Soult, perhaps under an alias. I am sure you would find your story would be VERY different.

  11. S Clarke says:

    Seriously? This company is a disgrace. I am amazed…no, totally astounded….that your goods arrived well packaged. They must have singled out your order for special packaging. In fact, I am sure that all the packaging they’ve left out of my parcel, they must have used in your’s.

    To send two heavy glass lampshades covered with one carelessly wrapped piece of bubble wrap? Are they mad?

    I ordered two funky lightbulbs to go with my glass lampshades. These were in the same outer delivery box, but didn’t even get the benefit of the bubble wrap. I opened each (plain, unmarked) box containing said funky lightbulb, only to find out that the glass of each bulb was covered in greasy fingerprints. I don’t even think I’ve been supplied with new goods? They look like someone who’s just eaten a meal with their fingers has decided to take down their lightbulbs (BEFORE washing their hands) and stuff them into a too-small box that’ll just about do, and then send them to me.

    No doubt, when I ask for a replacement I won’t get it. And then when I ask for a refund Achica will sit on my money for as long as they can get away with it before I take legal action against them. As you can see from earlier comments, I am not alone in my thoughts about this company, whatever the so-called “pedigree” of it’s founders.

  12. Paul Fairfax-Gash says:

    I would never use them again. Dreadful to deal with and ultimately stressful, which is the last thing you need when you are shopping. Delayed shipping, evasive responses and never a straight answer. I have zero faith in this brand. I am having real trouble getting a refund and this is for an item I never even received. Shame on you, the directors, MR STEPHEN LEONARD ROBINSON, MR BARRY MALONEY, MR KRISHNA VISVANATHAN, MR WILLIAM CHARLES CHRISTIE COOPER & MR QUENTIN JOHN GRIFFITHS

  13. Lynda de Klerk says:

    Poor customer service! No customer care contact telephone number. Poor delivery. Will not use this company again. Still awaiting refund…….3 weeks down the line!!

  14. Maria Browne says:

    I have to say that when things started to go wrong with achica last year I thought it was a one off bit I did order quite a few items from them, one being a a Knomo wheels case for £79 which on order three months and then never arrived. I had I to email customer services and eventually my money was returned.

    The items they sell can not be fulfilled especially if it is a popular item and in the meantime Achica are using your money for other outgoings.

    I did not use them for six months giving them time to improve their delivery and customer service and order a set of cutlery in January this year. The set arrived 3 weeks after I ordered it and is such a disappointment. Very cheap metal and not substantial at all. The description certainly did not match the actual goods and I promptly put it back in its original packaging. The item is very heavy and I have asked them to range for a courier to collect as the postage will be over £20 and I would not get is back.

    Achica need to smarten up their act and start listening to their customer as they are rating on their laurels and think at cheaper items will keep bringing I the business and eventually they will sell out to Amazon. This is a couple of rich men trading on the good will and money of their customer.

  15. BELINDA says:

    I have never felt compelled to write a review before but I ordered goods on 14th November – order stated delivery would be 16th to 21st November. Have emailed the company 3 times and all I have received is 2 automated emails. still not received goods. I would strongly urge others not to use this company as they are incapable of customer service. They do not call you, you cannot call them. They do not keep you up to date. It seems they take your money and then leave you high and dry. Future buyers beware! No doubt the goods will arrive faulty now!

  16. Julie says:

    We ordered two large items in October, and had some very confusing emails from Achica & the courier re delivery process. Finally someone phoned from the courier and arranged delivery date. I took a day off work yesterday and stayed in all day – nothing! Received an email today to inform me that delivery would be today 12-3pm (as per the review)Not useful at all. Can’t find any contact details for either company. We won’t be using them again.

  17. Angela says:

    I received a chandelier on time, but it was not suitable and I needed to return it. I sent an email to ask do they have a pick up service or do I arrange with the Post Office, I received confirmation that they had received my email, and then nothing. I chased again…. nothing…. You cannot call this company so it is so frustrating. I arranged return with a courier, and one week later still nothing. I have just spent over £600 but will never use this company again.. The refund on the chandelier is £290 and I have no idea if I will ever see this money again.. I will take the matter further, but I do not have the time, hence I shop online………

  18. margaret perchard says:

    I have purchased a few items from Achica and was told delivery could be up to 3 weeks (eh?!!!) 4 weeks on and nothing except emails giving me future dates. What is so frustrating is no contact number to speak to someoe. Has anyone out there got a phone number of this company?

  19. Nuala Pinson says:

    Why isn’t Achica listening? Achica seems oblivious to customer’s complaints.
    Their lack of accessibility and responsiveness to emails is a sure way of killing repeat custom. It could be seen as an arrogant attitude.

  20. Janice bramley says:

    21may 2013. I returned an order that was unsatisfactory.and asked for a refund by normal procedure. AChica asked for Tracking I’D but because the item was sent direct from the retailer there was no tracking ID enclosed which is in fact stated on my account details. The amount owing to be refunded is £99.75 which is a lot of money. I have sent e.mails with all details. Customer ID ,order number etc. And sent it first class delivery the next day of receiving it. Which was 2may.I have a sinking feeling that all my requests are being ignored. It is now 19 days since I returned the item. No news it seems is bad news and a very bad
    Recommendation for Achica.

  21. I too am a frequent shopper on this site ,my difficulties are with delayed deliveries and extortion postal charge.As i live in northern Ireland my delivery charge seems to tally 14.95 regardless of how many items i”m actually purchasings .Yes i agree with previous customer there is no telephone no to contact anyone direct which is a hindrance.

  22. jacqui lennon says:

    they owe me over £600 through a combination of not receiving items and a couple of returned items – i have spent thousands of pounds with them and am disgusted bu their zero customer service – you can’t call them to have a conversation.

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