Hessle Road’s long-gone Woolworths and its successors

Graham Soult

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  1. Steven Barker says:

    Intersesting, I never knew this building used to house a Woolworths! Especially as I used to work there!
    Think you may be slightly out on your dates though,I first had occasion to work there in 1985 shortly after Grandways (Wm. Jackson Supermarket chain) had bought the rival Hull based Goodfellows. This store was at that time trading as a Goodfellows but I was there to begin the process of converting it into a Grandways store.(It would then be rebranded by Grandways into a Jacksons store in 1992)

    • Graham Soult says:

      Thanks Steven! I’d said it closed ‘by the late 1980s’ as frankly I had no idea when it did close, other than it was still open at the time of the 1972 Woolworths stores list but was clearly gone before the 90s. Your new info narrows it down a bit more!

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