Jarrow’s Burton building – a retail history treasure with a Woolies twist

Graham Soult

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3 Responses

  1. Bob Oakley CPAGB says:

    I came across the old Burton’s Store on a visit to Jarrow last year. Big surprise to find it in the middle of a housing estate. It’s great that such buildings have been preserved. Excellent style of architecture.
    The web article was very useful in giving the history and the photograph of Ormonde Street with the other shops there as well. I did not know Jarrow in the past so I would not otherwise have known what it was like before.

    Many thanks.

  2. Steve Hack says:

    Really interesting article. What a shame more retailers don’t build something stylish that’ll last for years today!

  3. Ben Robinson says:


    You write with a passion that is informative, refreshing and easy on the eye. Some of our many modern day buildings, which when built, often turn-out to be square boxes. The builders of the past certainly knew how to build style, beauty even sheer elegance into their buildings (e.g. Ben Lomond) something some builders of the Here and Now could surely take a lesson or three from.

    Many thanks for the link.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the read.

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