Woolies photo updates from South Shields, Wallsend, Jarrow and North Shields

Graham Soult

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  1. beth says:

    i’d heard that it was definite. the signage is still up saying ‘Morrisons is coming soon’ but who knows.

    i’ve been trying to remember where i heard it was definitely off and i *think* it was a Lib Dem Focus newsletter that came through my door. so possibly not the most reliable source of info!

    • Graham Soult says:

      Perhaps not! ;) Let me know if you do find a more definitive source – I’ll keep my eyes open too. Whatever happens, I don’t think Morrisons is emerging from the episode showered in glory, unfortunately.

  2. Beth says:

    weird! i thought morrisons had said they weren’t bothering with wallsend any more because of the asda opening in byker? does this mean there is still hope?

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