Tesco store closure list revealed: three North East shops to go

Graham Soult

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  1. Tesco were due to open a shop in Fishergate Preston in the Autumn of 2014. They knocked three small units together and then, a few weeks into the demolition the missing money scandal kicked off and there has been no work since. I wonder how many other shop developments have been frozen or abandoned?

  2. Mark says:

    Tesco Metro in Crossgates has traded well since the 60s when the Crossgates/Arndale Centre first opened it begets belief that it’s unprofitable.

  3. Danny Bent says:

    It’s a shame though for the poor staff and of course the customers, especially the elderly and vunerable who may not be able to get to another supermarket easily.
    Our Tesco in Hinckley is gladly not on the list, this has traded as:- Food Giant, Gateway and Somerfield previously, however with a large Sainsbury’s currently being built only about 500 metres away and with Asda, Morrisons, Lidl and Aldi all trading here it will be interesting to see what will happen……

  4. Steve Hack says:

    Same thing happened to the one in Farnham and (I think) Aldershot where it was originally an International – another blast from the past!

  5. Steve Hack says:

    I’d forgotten about Presto, there used to be one (briefly) in Farnham.

    • Graham Soult says:

      I get the impression Presto was more northern – a lot of the old Safeways in the North East were Prestos originally!

      • Robin Carter says:

        Presto were owned by Argyll foods who also owned Liptons, and were mainly Northern based. Argyll bought Safeways in the mid 1980’s to give them a national chain of supermarkets as Safeway were mainly Southern based, with their HQ near Maidstone, Kent. I was coming out of the Presto on the A45 in East Birmingham in the 80’s to see a low flying Jumbo Jet with a Space Shuttle piggy backing on the back of it. It was on a tour of the UK and had just left Birmingham Airport. When they bought Safeways I was working in the office of a major FMCG company and Argyll, who were very hard negotiators accused the company of charging Safeways more for the product than they had been charging Argyll, I had the job of analysing the sales, cost prices, advertising contributions and any retrospective payments to produce figures to bat away a claim for a large bucket load of discount. Safeway was eventually bought out by Morrisons.

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