Resurgent Game reopens axed stores in Newcastle and Sunderland

Graham Soult

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2 Responses

  1. Nate says:

    “A wasted opportunity to capitalise on the positives of the acquired Gamestation brand and shops – including its quirkiness and customer loyalty – and to spread that across the more corporate-feeling Game estate.”

    You’re quite right there. Gamestation always had a strong ‘quirky’ brand that I think resonated with the gamer culture better than GAME’s corporate feel – having said that I always saw Gamestation as a second rate GAME. Though this could be due to the locations of the two stores in my home town.

    GAME was in the expensive shopping centre where as Gamestation was located near the cheaper end of town with the bargain shops.

    It will be good to see GAME bounce back and the other key thing you mentioned, which many high street experts are recommending, is “bringing a bit of pizzazz and theatre back to its stores”. If they can build a strong community and provide an engaging shopping experience (which the Lock-in’s sound great) then GAME could be set to retake the Gaming High Street.

  2. Robin Carter says:

    Hi Graham,

    It would be interesting to know what deal they have struck with the landlord, and how the rent they are paying now, compares to the rent they were paying at the time of the closure. In the 18 months while it has been empty the landlord will have paid tens of thousands in business rates, plus have lost the rental income from the tenant – perhaps if a deal could have been struck 18 months ago everyone would have been better off.


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