Peacocks flies into Tamworth’s Ankerside centre

Graham Soult

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  1. beth says:

    pure laziness i’m sorry :) i was on my way out to work and wanted to say before i forgot.

  2. Graham Soult says:

    …and with all the Wallsend or ex-Woolies threads you could have chosen to post on, Beth! :)

    Perhaps it’s going to become an Alworths? I talked at about how Alworths seems to be snapping up quite a few ex-Woolies sites that were briefly occupied by other retailers – including, as it happens, Well Worth It (no relation, I think) in Hertford.

  3. beth says:

    not relevant to this post, but did you hear that Well Worth it in Wallsend is closing down? i was in Wallsend on Saturday and apparently the signs had only just gone up. seems a shame.

  1. February 16, 2011

    […] the town is not known for attracting more upmarket retailers, and has a town centre that has become increasingly value-focused. However, John Lewis’s new ‘at Home’ format makes the prospect quite […]

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