Newcastle update: Wooly Minded and Card Factory open; Bank on the way

Graham Soult

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  1. Graham Soult says:

    That’s good Adam – I do hope the shop is a success, as the staff I met at the North Shields branch were lovely. The sign on the new shop could have been so much better though!

  2. Adam says:

    I can only agree with the assessment of their sign, very cheap looking. The shop itself is unbelievably shallow in terms of space but was pretty busy when I walked by, in fact I heard a pair of older women chatting about the shop later on so it has definitely had a good impact.

  3. Graham Soult says:

    I agree! I always maintain that it’s worth independent retailers having a basic web presence, even if it’s just to provide contact details, opening times and a bit of background or history about the business.

    Having this blog showing up as the top search result for ‘Wooly Minded Newcastle’ is surely missing a trick!

  4. K Wilson says:

    Found your site while looking for information on Wooly Minded and have to say I am seriously unimpressed by the signage too! I went past the other day but was put off by the ghastly sign and the rather ‘naff’ feel of the shop. Most wool shops I have come across recently both locally and around the country are extremely modern, I shall leave further judgement until I have actually been inside. A lack of website or ANY information is disappointing.
    Great blog!

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