Tamworth Market: the worst street market in Britain?

Graham Soult

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  1. craig smith says:

    Askin why its back on cus it’s nasty to the new company that run the market they have spent a small fortune to revamp the market

    • Graham Soult says:

      That’s how blogs work – you post an article, with a date, and it stays live indefinitely, as a snapshot of whatever you were talking about at the time. I’m not the person who has suddenly posted the link all over Facebook, five years later!

      If the market has had a revamp then I’ll be delighted to take a look when I’m back in Tamworth, and/or to meet the people who you say have invested in making it better, and to hear about their plans.

  2. craig smith says:

    Why on earth have u put this on its dated 2010 the market has been took over since then with new stalls gold and blue sheets side skirts and back shirts improving tamworth I feel this has made the town alot better and as for the shops its two days aweek and I bet u that in them two day they take more because of the market .thanks for listening

  3. Thomas Hayward says:

    Hi i was wondering if i could use the image of the bandstand for a school project.
    Is there any copyright information i should know about?

  4. karen says:

    Tamworth is just a very sad run down one horse town now.. If you would like to purchase a phone, get cash for gold.. buy from a charity shop or card shop then you are fine.. ( NOT CONDEMING CHARITY SHOPS HERE !)… there is no choice but to get yourself down to ventura where its all happening!.. sad really as this used to be a scenic well preserved town with a combination of shops… realy frustrating to not be able to pop into town and make a decent purchase…you can of course get drunk then stumble into the pound shop..dissappointing! and embarrassing !

  5. James Blackman says:

    It is horrible experience on a saturday trying to walk down George Street. Why don’t the council run a questionnaire to the shop owners and find out the true value the market brings to Tamworth. Its the shop owners complaining about Ventura stealing the footfall, when actually its because of the tatty low end market…. They need to find out what mix of stalls should be allowed and also possibly move it to another location so George Street shops can actually trade properly. I am pretty sure if the market was moved bigger retailers would come to Tamworth. The seriously needs to be a rethink on the market is it needed and does Tamworth really need one.

  6. Sue verity says:

    I agree the market needs to be upgraded using local producers of goods not tat bought in and sold on unappealling stalls! One line of stalls is ok in George street but not two as you say it’s too cramped! St editha square needs refronting and the owners should be forced to improve it. That should then become the main focus of the market clearly what it was meant to be when it was built! Private landlords can only help the town by upgrading and stop renting property to tenants with boring shops such as phone and charity shops. I’m hoping that the powers at be will take this on board but looking at the date when they last posted I see nothing has changed!

  7. Graham Soult says:

    Thanks David – I’m happy to help in whatever way I can, so will certainly drop you a line!

  8. David Weatherley says:

    You may be interested to know that the Council has appointed consultants to work with it and representatives of the private and public sectors to improve the reputation of Tamworth. I would be happy to have a chat with you about where this is going and to explore opportunities for you to contribute to that process. If you feel you would like to do something about the issues raised in your blog, please feel free to contact me.

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