Gosforth Woolies: before and after

Graham Soult

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2 Responses

  1. John says:

    It’s good to be able to get their ethically-produced own brand goods, fair trade stuff etc and handy to pop in to if you want one or two things and don’t fancy the scrum at Sainsburys or Asda. Having said that I like just down the road from Asda, so don’t really use the other two much. But it’s a very welcome addition to the mix, and is open until 10pm on Sundays – very handy in those ‘run out of booze’ emergencies…

  2. helen says:

    is ok ut when u find out that 2 pints of long life milk is 85p there and only 65 in morrisons it kind of makes u wonder about their prices!!!
    also they dont print teir number on the receipt which is why i was on google looking for it cos of a problm with purchase just made but it too cold to venture out again

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