24,000 sq ft BHS to fill Hartlepool’s ex-Woolies site

Graham Soult

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  1. Sam says:

    Where, and when will the job’s be advertised for this. Does anyone know please?

  2. Alex says:

    Dear Graham, You say you viewd the plans . Can i ask did the plans show any works to the mall/square and where are the plans/how can i see them .Did the plans show any change to the existing structure or layout of the escalators in front of Mcdonalds.


    • Graham Soult says:

      Hi Alex, the links are in the body of the post, where it says “However, the drawings accompanying BHS’s recent planning applications for the site – H/2011/0207 and H/2011/0208 – make things much clearer”. Click through, and you’ll see a link under the word ‘Images’ that says “Click to view Attachments”.

      As far as I’m aware, the current plans only refer to the BHS site itself, but a recent statement from the owners of Middleton Grange (http://www.middleton-grange.com/index.php?menu=0,0,1&id=195) has stated that there will be a separate “£2 million to further enhance Middleton Grange… including refurbishment and capital works.”

  3. Gabriella Coscia says:

    Sorry typo error (now Outlet Store and food) refers to the Marks and Spencer store which is very art deco but with a very dated luton format including signage. Does very well as an outlet store though.

  4. Gabriella Coscia says:

    On a sort of unrelated subject but one I think you would find interesting I have recently moved back to London and in the area near to where there is a lovely example of an old Woolworths store which closed 18 years before Woolworths went bust the former Woolworths branch in Woolwich now a large branch of Primark but still with the old Woolworths steel doors at the back and clearly visible WOOLWORTHS signage.

    Other interesting (now Outlet store and food only) including a Sainsburys with floor tiling and fittings from the late 70’s.

    So old stores and signage remain quite prevalent in the south

    You should visit Woolwich bargain basement for South East London value retailers where the mainstream and not so mainstream retailers have moved out like Body Shop, Top Shop / Top Man though undergoing a lot of retail regeneration at present.

  1. September 15, 2011

    […] Given the store’s similarity to the new BHS shops that will be opening soon in Hartlepool and Newcastle, I was keen to take a look for myself. Render of Newcastle's new BHS (prior to […]

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