Alworths’ future uncertain as bailiffs seize Llandudno store

Graham Soult

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  1. Ellen Cuerva says:

    On Sunday all staff at the Alworth store in Newhaven, East Sussex were given six weeks notice of the store’s closure.

  2. Gabriella Coscia says:

    They are still heading for a pre pack I read somewhere as the Head office is now care of a firm of solicitors in Redhill, and the landlord of the Evesham store refused to renew their lease so i think that is why some stores are closing. It isn’t really a surprise considering the current economic environment, when you see 02 closing stores nationwide, Oddbins closing a third of there already halved retail network and others like HMV and Waterstones.

    I do think stores will find it difficult to expand in the current economic environment. Such is life.

  3. Dave says:

    Brief update: The local paper is reporting that agreement has now been reached with the Landlord and the Llandudno Alworths reopened for business yesterday.

  4. Shame, no idea it was this bad, I thought they were booming.

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