Nice Tucci you again

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  1. Pamela Baines. says:

    Tucci in the 1950’s was the original Isaac Waltons. This was a long established and very expensive expensive store. The staff from what I remember always wore black suits for men and straight black skirts with a white blouse and black cardigan for ladies.

  2. Gabbyco says:

    I think on a separate note this just goes to show how fickle retailers are. Jaeger had a concession and a store in Canterbury in the late 80’s which then saw the store close in the late 80’s and converted in to a boots before before becoming a shop for the cathedral. When Canterbury’s Whitefriars reopened Jaeger returned to the city on another site opposite it’s former previous store. Again, it kept it’s concession on in Fenwick in Canterbury. Now, the store has shut again in Canterbury and is for sale.

    Retailers come and go, sometimes locations don’t work or the demand isn’t there as I am sure you know anyway when there is a downturn.

    Intersting blogg though as I have never heard of Tucci and I lived in London for years

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