Derby’s original Woolworths site – and a precedent for today’s retail churn

Graham Soult

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  1. Ian Coyne says:

    does anybody recall the window collapsing in Woolworths Victoria. Street Derby Store. II would imagine it was sometime in 1946-1948.
    Ian Coyne 6/Jan/2017.

  2. Mary says:

    Hi has anyone any idea how to find when Woolies opened in Chesterfield Derbyshire? I have framed some cardboard Christmas decorations my grand-father bought the 1st Christmas Woolies opened there & I would love to find which year that was. My Mom is 88 & she remembers him buying them but not which year. Thanks in anticipation.

    • Graham Soult says:

      I can tell you, Mary! The original Chesterfield Woolworths at 21 Burlington Street opened on 28 September 1929, so your grandfather must have bought the decorations for Christmas 1929 when your mum would have been a toddler!

      • Mary says:

        Thank you Graham. She thought she must have been older but I told her that even at almost 4 it would have been something kind of momentous in her life so she may have remembered it from an early age. Then of course there is always the fact she was told later when he bought them & she thinks she remembers. My grandmother never refuted her story ,which I have heard since I was a child so it must be correct how ever she actually has the memory.

  3. Lee Dymond says:

    There are several old photos of the orginal Woolies in Derby on the following site

    and the following links;EQUALS;DRBY004604&prevUrl=;EQUALS;DRBY003059&prevUrl=

    Some more picture can be found by searching Eagle Center for the original Eagle Center store before that was reduced in size and before relocation to its last place in the center before it closed.

    The site also has historic images of Woolworths in the Nottingham and Derby area

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