Recording Northumberland Street’s retail (r)evolution

Graham Soult

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  1. Great (if slightly long) blog post – thanks! Northumberland Street remains an asset. On the subject I notice that at the Monument end of Eldon Square retail has been further devalued? Pound stores, bargain book stores+ charity shops galore. Everybody else is in major discount mode+ it’ s looking tatty.

    • Graham Soult says:

      Thanks Simon – you’ll find that my blogs are often quite lengthy, particularly where I connect several stories together like in this one! :)

      You’re absolutely right about the Monument end of Eldon Square seeming very tired, inside and out. Though Urban Outfitters is coming to the old Green Market soon, this won’t benefit Eldon Square as the store will only be accessed from Grainger Street. There will be a new wall built across where there is currently access from the upper mall.

      I think a redevelopment of that end of Eldon Square is probably needed, unless a strong permanent tenant can be found for the two-storey former New Look store.

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