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Notes from my Spring Fair seminar: 14 tips for creating great retail web content #SF

Woolaballoo.com site on an iPad (1 Feb 2013). Photograph by Graham Soult

Woolaballoo.com site on an iPad (1 Feb 2013)

After sharing my practical tips on creating a great retail website at last year’s Autumn Fair, it was a pleasure to be invited back to the E-commerce and Social Media Stage at the even bigger Spring Fair – … Continue Reading

Getting content with your web content: practical tips for a great retail website (Part 1)

Screenshot of Wardhaughs of Hexham website (31 Aug 2012)

Screenshot of Wardhaughs of Hexham website (31 Aug 2012)

Through both my work at CannySites.com and my blogging, I get to see an awful lot of independent retailers’ websites, including the good, the bad and the (occasionally) ugly. So, whether you’re running a high-street shop, an online store or both, what are the ingredients that you need to … Continue Reading

New Mountain Warehouse reaffirms Hexham’s status as a retail hotspot

Mountain Warehouse, Hexham (1 Jan 2011). Photograph by Graham Soult

Mountain Warehouse, Hexham (1 Jan 2011)

Visiting Hexham on New Year’s Day, I was interested to see that a new branch of Mountain Warehouse had sprung up since I was previously in the town, barely a month earlier.

The expanding outdoor retailer – which opened its 100th store earlier in 2010 – has taken over the Fore Street premises previously occupied by a tired … Continue Reading

The Original Factory Shop in Morpeth – a shift towards more upmarket locations?

Original Factory Shop fascia. Photograph by Graham Soult

Original Factory Shop fascia

The rapidly expanding mini-department store retailer, The Original Factory Shop, opened its seventh North East store, in Morpeth, last week. It adds to the retailer’s existing stores within the region at Stanley, Prudhoe, Ashington, Crook, Spennymoor and Shildon.

As noted previously, The Original Factory Shop has been snapping up quite a few … Continue Reading

From Stanley to Spennymoor – another gallery of North East former Woolies stores

Former Woolworths, Peterlee (12 March 2010). Photograph by Graham Soult

Former Woolworths, Peterlee (12 March 2010)

Only counting the (33) North East Woolworths stores that closed down following the company’s 2008 administration, my quest to photograph the full set is nearing completion – with five more new ones featured in this post, only Berwick, Billingham and Stockton’s Portrack Lane are left to get.

However, the ever-expanding list of … Continue Reading

Taking a look around Alnwick

Former Woolworths (now M&Co), Alnwick (23 Jan 2010). Photograph by Graham Soult

Former Woolworths (now M&Co), Alnwick (23 Jan 2010)

I’m ashamed to say that in more than a decade of living in the North East, I’d never – until yesterday – paid a proper visit to the attractive and historic Northumberland market town of Alnwick – named by Country Life magazine, in 2002, as the “best place to live … Continue Reading

Is this shop in Shields Road, Byker an old Woolies?

Is this an old Woolies? (27 Sep 2009). Photograph by Graham Soult

Is this an old Woolies? (27 Sep 2009)

(UPDATE: Since I wrote this post, it’s been confirmed that the A&S Discount building was indeed Byker’s original Woolworths location, from 1927 until 1954)

Here’s a retail history question for you – was this building (above), in Shields Road in Byker, once a Woolworths?

I spotted it … Continue Reading

One day – ten former Woolies – one tired blogger

Well worth it? Well, perhaps...

Well worth it? Well, perhaps...

Back in September, you might recall me trumpeting the fact that I’d visited six old Woolworths in a day. Today, however, I must confess to visiting (and photographing) ten in one day – or eleven if you count the extra one that I passed on the bus but was too tired to stop at. Needless to say, you … Continue Reading

Photo gallery: more former Woolies around the UK (part 1)

Former Woolworths in Houghton-le-Spring

Former Woolworths in Houghton-le-Spring

Though I can’t claim to make a habit of visiting six old Woolies stores in the same day (including Houghton-le-Spring, above), I have managed to build up a pretty good collection of former Woolworths pics over the last year or so – snapping them as I spot them, and, it must be admitted, making the occasional detour expressly to get another one.

I figured that it … Continue Reading

Retailers needs a web presence that informs and inspires

Image by Zoran

Image by Zoran

I was quite chuffed, this morning, to have a short article on web usability published in The Journal. Much of what I wrote is, or at least should be, common sense: essentially, the need to understand what information your customers are looking for, and to give it to them in a way that is clear and engaging. Though the examples I used in the article related to tourism websites, the same principles apply … Continue Reading