I’ve now visited and tracked a quarter of the ex-Woolies estate – but what have they all become?

Graham Soult

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  1. Janet says:

    My fiance and myself are ex-staff of Woolies in Hong Kong, we got to know each others at Woolworths HK sourcing, working as partners. End of this year I plan to go honeymoon with him and take photos with Woolworths banner in UK to complete the story. Do you think there is still any empty Woolworths store / office / backdrop…in UK?

    • Graham Soult says:

      Hi Janet! I’m not sure if the HK Woolworths has any connection to the UK one – my understanding is that it may be linked instead to Woolworths Australia, which has no connection to the historic UK/US business other than copying the name. Still, I think there are a few Woolworths signs still remaining – I’ll do some digging and perhaps work it into a blog :)

  2. Gabby says:


    I think your story rings true nationwide. In the South East (Kent area) and in South East London, the only empty Woolworth’s store still for rent and never occupied is don’t be surprised in Margate on offer through Cradick Retail Surveyor’s. Most of the other stores in South East Kent anyway went to Iceland ( with 3 picking up Broadstairs, Whitstable and Herne Bay), 99p stores 4( picking up Sittingbourne, Ashford Kent, Ramsgate and Folkestone, and Poundland ( picking up 2) Deal and Canterbury ex Woolworth’s and 1 going over to Sports Direct (Hastings).

    As I said Margate has its own issues as a medium failing town centre so no surprises that the store remains empty and even not good enough for a pound chain.

    In South East London ( Woolworth’s original Woolwich store shut in the early 1990’s an with faint lettering of the Woolworths fascia from the back until recently became Primark, in Eltham 99p store took their store, and in Sidcup whilst in Bexleyheath H and M and a relocated New Look moved in to their former branches. The picture mainly though in East and West Sussex and Kent is of Icelan, 99p stores, Poundland and Original Factory Shops moving in to the vacant units bar Carpetland who took the Welling Store. No empty Woolworths stores remain elsewhere in Kent or in South East London and most stores down this way remain with the same anchor store since Woolworths closure.

  3. Danny Bent says:

    Very interesting!

    Just for information the ex-Wollies in Nuneaton did trade briefly as a TJ Hughes, then they closed because they folded (and had an upstairs too!)
    This store is now a 99p stores, still with double entrances but no upstairs.
    Interestingly I believe this is one of the biggest 99p stores in the area.

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