The ghosts of Washington’s former Woolworths

Graham Soult

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7 Responses

  1. DaveW says:

    Your Washington Woolco (hard to come by) Photos are En-route via the Spit-Tong site

  2. James Ruff says:

    My Grandfather worked as a security guard at Woolco in Washington back in the day…

  3. Angus Greenland says:

    I know that Gateway(now ASDA) opened on the Woolco site on the 13 February 1987, so the closure must have been before that.

  4. Graham Soult says:

    Excellent – thanks Angus! Trust the Echo to be the one that’s wrong :)

  5. Jonny Rowntree says:

    I never saw or heard of Woolco’s up until my mum told me about it. The nearest one to us is across the road from where we live now in Killingworth. Its now Matalan and joined to the Killingworth Centre

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