How many former Woolworths can Graham visit in one day?

Graham Soult

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  1. Steve Oliver says:

    I thought that the Waremart store in Middlesbrough captured the Woolworths vibe a lot better than Redcar did. The shopping centre only recently took the Woolworths signage down from outside, which I complained about. For the sake of English heritage we should have left reminders. M’bro now has a cheap shop which doesn’t look, feel or smell like a Woolworths, and so the vibe has gone. I have written about Woolworths on these occasions:

  2. Graham Soult says:

    That’s fascinating Gareth – many thanks! I’ll have to keep an eye out next time I visit Stockton and Middlesbrough again.

  3. Gareth Hill says:

    Having been to Stockton and Middlesbrough,the former Woolworths stores you visited, were not the original stores in these towns. Firstly in Stockton, up until the opening of the Castle Centre, Woolworths was at the other end of the High Street between M&S and Debenhams, it is now a YMCA charity shop near the corner of what is left of Wellington Street. When Woolworths moved to the Castle Centre, the then North Eastern Co-Operative Society acquired the store to connect to their Wellington Street Department Store which gave them a some high street frontage. The store closed in the early 90s and sadly the impressive Wellington Street Building was demolished to make way for the bland Wellington Square Shopping development. In Middlesbrough the former Woolworths in the Hill Street centre was actually Woolworths’ fourth store in Middlesbrough. The first was on Linthorpe Road, opposite the Sony Centre. In the 1950s they moved a few doors up Linthorpe Road to a new Department Store, just before Binns corner. This was one of the many larger stores which had large food halls which closed in the early 80s when the British arm of the business was sold. This building was split into three separate units. For a few years there was no Woolworths presence in Middlesbrough. Then in about 1990 there was a short-lived Woolworths Music & Video store in a corner unit diagonally opposite the store you visited. You may therefore have visited a further three former Woolworths.

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